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My Fictional Dad Can Beat Up Your Fictional Dad: Poll

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My Fictional Dad Can Beat Up Your Fictional Dad: Day 5

Name: Will Trent

Book/Series: Karin Slaughter’s Will Trent/Atlanta and Georgia series

Defining Character Trait: A devoted agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Will is a steel cage of a man – he is careful, concise, meticulous, always in control, and, much to the frustration of his girlfriend Sara Linton, notoriously averse to sharing his emotions.

Physical Description: Will is good looking in a hard knock, rough around the edges kind of way – he is tall, brawny and broad-shouldered, and his body bears the scars of 15 years of active duty with the GBI. He wears his dirty blonde hair longer than deemed permissible by Deputy Director Amanda Wagner, which is appreciated by girlfriend Sara Linton, though comes at the price of being assigned to “airport bathroom duty.” Clearly his priorities are in the right place.

Achilles Heel: Will’s dyslexia has always made him feel at a disadvantage, and it’s something he has both tried to hide and overcome. But let’s face it, the answers to most cases can’t be found in a textbook, and while Will may have graduated high school by the skin of his teeth, his job success rate is an extraordinary 89%. And while Will’s sensitivity toward crimes involving children might be considered a soft spot, these just tend to make him that much more determined and indomitable.

Actor Who Would Play Him in a Movie: Dependent upon the casting director, of course, Bradley Cooper, Josh Lucas, or Michael Shannon.

Theme Song: “Welcome to the Jungle,” Guns N’ Roses.

Weapon of Choice: A government-issued Glock, model 23.

Why He’s Perfect for Father’s Day: Will is the quintessential guy’s guy – he’s tough, reliable, sharp-witted, and, more often than not, confounded by the opposite sex. While he may have “daddy issues” of his own, Will certainly knows the meaning of duty and responsibility, and in spite of his own tumultuous upbringing and feelings of displacement, he has somehow managed to hone an innate penchant for protecting those in harm’s way. He’s a man who stops at nothing, who takes action and solves problems regardless of the risk it poses to himself – and isn’t that the kind of guy we’d like to honor this Father’s Day?

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My Fictional Dad Can Beat Up Your Fictional Dad: Day 3

Name: Brad Wolgast

Book/Series: The Passage from Justin Cronin’s Passage Trilogy.

Defining Character Trait: Undying loyalty to those he loves.  

Physical Description: An FBI agent in his 40s who escapes virals like he was born to do it. Bad. Ass. 

Achilles Heel: Baby Eva. When Brad is reminded of his failure to save his little girl, the Agent Smith facade starts to crumble.

Actor Who Would Play Him in a Movie: Aaron Eckhart—he’s a tough guy’s guy, but knows how to be sensitive and sweet to the ladies in his life, too.

Theme Song: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. Wherever it goes, Amy, the road is ours.

Weapon of Choice: 9 mm government-issued Beretta.

Why He’s Perfect for Father’s Day: Dads can relate to a guy who stays calm in a crisis (or, you know, a viral apocalypse), protects the women in his life against all odds, and reads stories and plays board games with a little girl to distract her from the fact that the world is falling apart around them. It doesn’t hurt that Brad also kicks ass as a special agent with the FBI. Not too shabby.

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My Fictional Dad Can Beat Up Your Fictional Dad: Day 2

Name: Andy Barber

Book/Series: Defending Jacob by William Landay

Defining Character Trait: Unshakeable faith in his family.

Physical Description: In his forties, healthy, looks good in a suit.

Achilles Heel: Genes like a bad penny.

Actor Who Would Play Him in a Movie: Gregory Peck, of course. 

Theme Song: The Clash cover of “I Fought the Law.”

Weapon of Choice: His knowledge of due process and the court system. 

Why He’s Perfect for Father’s Day: Come on.  We live in the real world.  If any one of us got into trouble, we’d want a dad on our side who knew how to protect us by keeping every available inch of the law on our side, but also was willing (if need be) to step outside those lines every now and again.  Andy Barber exemplifies what it means to be a family man. 

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My Fictional Dad Can Beat Up Your Fictional Dad: Day 1

[Father’s Day is fast-approaching, and what better gift than a book or series with a character who was made just for your dad? This week, we’ll be profiling our own characters so you can find one that fits your dad’s style most. And on Friday, we’ll have a poll to decide which character would win out against all the others in a Thriller Throwdown.]

Name: Jack Reacher

Book/Series: The Jack Reacher Series by Lee Child

Defining Character Trait: Brains. Brawn. So as long as I’m already pulling out two, I’ll add agility at getting himself into, and punching his way out of, risky situations.

Physical Description: Picture the Hulk, but less green. And angrier.

Achilles Heel: When we discover one, we’ll let you know, assuming he doesn’t destroy it first.

Actor Who Would Play Him In A Movie: Tom Cruise, only because I don’t have a) my SAG card or b) muscle tone.

Theme Song: For quieter moments: “Gymnopédies – No.1” by Erik Satie. For when fists of fury start flying: “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran.

Weapon of Choice: Everyone else’s physical inferiority.

Why He’s Perfect for Father’s Day: The consummate manly man, Jack Reacher also avoids as many fights as he gets into, giving ample warning to would-be toughs. He’s loyal to a ludicrous degree, putting himself in harm’s way to protect others, and finishing every mission he takes on.  He also teaches the value of being patient, being vigilant, and good dental hygiene. And, were Jack Reacher your father, you can be assured that you’d be correct in telling others that your dad can beat up their dad. 

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